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Ettringer Lay

   A unique monument to the modern
stone industry - great nature, great history!

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 The "Museum Island" in Mendig -
an open air exhibition with stonecutter and more.

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 Visible marks in the stone bear witness to
Roman excavation activity - behind the information center.

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Volcano Park Stations

The Volcano Park projects are connected by four coloured routes – blue route, yellow route, red route and green route. Each route covers one region.

Blue covers the area between Plaidt and Kretz; yellow that between Kruft and Andernach. The Volcano Park projects in and around Mendig lie along the red route. The green route connects all projects in the area around Mayen.

The coloured routes help to guide you on your tour through the Volcano Park. Check with our route planner which colour your destination has and then simply follow the signposting.

blue route between Plaidt and Kretz

yellow route between Kruft and Andernach

red route around Mendig

green route around Mayen

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