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Roman Mine at Meurin

 The biggest Roman tuff excavation quarry
north of the alps welcomes you with an exciting exhibition.


Roman Mine at Meurin

The marks in the stones tell a unique story

More than 2.000 years ago, Romans began excavating tuff in depths between 4 to 6 Meters. Modern excavation methods, which go significantly deeper, have destroyed most of the ancient quarries.
Fortunately the site at Trassgrube Meurin near Kretz has been spared this fate. There are two places where the visitor has the opportunity to take a look at the underground workplaces of times gone by. Narrow galleries, poor light and dust laden air were all part of the daily routine for the miners. Only if you have been in these tunnels, you can imagine how life was for the workers in those times.

A small part – 55 x 45 meters of the old excavation site has been protected by means of a futuristic cantilever construction made of steel, glass and plastic. In this way a small remnant of the biggest Roman tuff excavation quarry north of the Alps can be protected from the effects of the local weather. The volcano park projekt Roman mine Meurin belongs to the award winners of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards 2003.

Outdoor Area

Visitors are taken back in time to the Roman era of gruelling stone mining on a walk through old mining chambers and shafts. A modern film is shown in a tunnel and transports visitors right back into the Roman world of work. Visitors get a vivid impression of over ground volcanic stone processing in an outdoor area complete with a stone mason’s hut, smithy and an original reconstructed crane system.

byzantine stone saw
lathe for stone pillars
dedication altar for the romans

A visit to the Roman Mine takes about 1 - 1.5 hours.

Further Information

  • limited barrier free
  • audio guide in Englisch
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Roman Mine at Meurin
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