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Geyser Andernach

 A modern discovery center, a river boat cruise
on the rhine and the world`s tallest cold water geyser.


Geyser Andernach

The world´s tallest cold water geyser

When people think about geysers, Iceland or the USA, quite correctly, come to mind first. However the world’s tallest cold water geyser, that reaches heights of 60 meters, is actually found in Germany in Andernach am Rhein.  Visitors to the Andernach Geyser Attraction experience an approximately 3 hour program that is divided into 3 parts. The Discovery Centre is located in the Andernach Rhine Park.

Geyser Interactive Discovery Center

Go on a discovery and experience the natural phenomenon of the cold water geyser in Andernach/Germany. Interactive exhibits, experimental stations and media installations are waiting to be discovered. Visitors to the Discovery Centre are first taken on a fascinating virtual journey 4.000 meters under the earth’s surface. Here the interactive exhibit allows them to join a CO2 molecule on its journey to the top of the geyser fountain. The tour also features exhibits that, as well as explaining how a cold water geyser works, also address questions relating to volcanic activity in English at special display tables.

Blowout of the geyser

The ”Namedyer Werth“ is the home of the geyser. It is a peninsula in the Rhine where you will see the blowout of the world’s tallest geyser with your own eyes. Hear the fizzling and gargling during the blowout and marvel at the majestically high fountain.

River boat cruise

After visiting the discovery centre, a 15 minute boat ride down the river Rhine will take you to the protected landscape “Namedyer Werth.” There you will experience the geyser. By the way, the Rhine is one of Germany’s famous rivers.

A visit at the Geyser Andernach takes about 2,5 - 3 hours.

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